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A lot of you have likely come across me one way or another. For the ones that didn't, I have been a prominent face in the WAX community since its inception in 2017. Always helping out and mediating where ever I could. I'm an IT specialist, gamer, developer, consultant, certified data scientist, and project manager. I studied mathematics and physics and look back on over 25 years of experience in IT. Over the course of the last six years, I created, moderated, and contributed to a multitude of WAX focused channels. I have served the ecosystem as Inspector General for the past three years. During this time, I spearheaded and implemented many initiatives: Fair compensation of standby guilds, automated and contribution-based pay, transparency through on-chain ratings, and the WAX Parachute System, to name a few. My focus is and always has been to ensure the stability of the ecosystem and that all changes implemented serve the community's best interest. Being an elected member of the OIG allows me to keep contributing to the development of the WAX blockchain and our ecosystem full-time. While my previous terms were focused on clarity and transparency, it has become apparent that the OIG is in desperate need of visibility. As such, my goal for the coming term would be to involve the community in a more active role in the operations of the OIG. I also plan to overhaul and streamline the election and OIG itself as on-chain systems and empower the community by implementing a vote of no confidence in the process. I aim to propose structural changes to the guidelines and OIG in collaboration with the community to improve accountability..