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Josep Rosich

My name is Josep Rosich, and I am the founder of eosBarcelona Guild. I have been a part of the WAX community since June 2019 and have been serving as an Inspector General since November 2019. With experience as a developer, system administrator, project manager, and founder of a game studio, I am deeply passionate about games, and I believe WAX is the ideal protocol for Web3 video games. Additionally, as a Block Producer on other Antelope chains, I have been able to bring the Guilds’ vision and work to the OIG, and I aim to continue this task. Guilds play a pivotal role in the WAX ecosystem. They not only support and secure the network but also provide essential services that all dapps and games rely on. I enjoy collaborating with them to enhance WAX daily and to forge connections with other projects and investors, maximizing the impact of their contributions. If re-elected, that is precisely what I intend to do: keep connecting WAX guilds with opportunities for the greater good of the protocol. I also plan to continue developing tools to improve the effectiveness of the OIG. For these reasons, I am seeking your vote. .