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Anders Oneiros

Hello, I'm Anders Oneiros, known as IMakeStupidGames! With over 10 years of experience in C# programming, I possess a strong understanding of software development, blockchains and i have extensive experience working with programming and in different teams. I have served as Chief Technology Officer in various positions and have lead several teams. I've even released some games! My aim as OIG is to rethink, restructure, and automate the daily processes of the OIG and their tasks, and in the process make it simpler to understand, easier to do more, and make it more transparent for regular users. I aspire to simplify and make everything accessible for those contributing to the development of WAX. I won't be working alone, and will tap into my own team, Pixygon, to help where necessary. Ultimately, I want to make it incredibly easy for anyone to use and unleash their creativity and increase the rate of innovation on Wax. I also like Lego and Games..