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Manas GOEL

Greetings, WAX FAM! I am Core Techie / Founder. I have been with WAX since 2020. During my 18-month tenure, I will focus on three primary goals in collaboration with Guilds and Projects on WAX. My Goals: 1. Enhancing Liquidity (Onchain TVL Target: $10 Million USD) - Enable high liquidity to facilitate the onboarding of big projects (USDC natives), developers(to gain value), and users (traders). - Initial Ideas around Lending, Derivatives, taking advantage of memecoin narrative. 2. Ensure a seamless onboarding process for first-time WAX developers. - Identify and address pain points in the developer onboarding process, providing comprehensive support and resources. - I am not talking just docs! I am talking the whole experience. Making sure the devs can get necessary help, they get to know the available resources for them, reducing their time to go live! 3. WAX Branding and Communication - Communicate ongoing improvements and successes within the WAX ecosystem to the community and developers. Guilds and Projects are building a lot of stuff but the communication doesn't get across well to the builders and community What I Bring to the Table: 1. Decisiveness: I am a doer. I have built full-stack solutions for DEXs and MPCs, managed product research, and consistently delivered results. I am dedicated to giving 110% to WAX. 2. Leadership: I lead a team of five hardworking individuals, ensuring efficiency and productivity in every project we undertake. 3. Experience: As the founder of NFT Stonkers (3000+ Members, launched in 2020) and WAXP Tools (800k WAX locked) on the WAX Chain, I bring practical insights and innovative solutions to the table. Thank you for your consideration. .