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Dear Wax Community, My name is Samuel RDC, and I am an innovator and project leader. My time on WAX began in February 2021 when I first discovered blockchain technology. Since then, I have taken the lead in creating and launching various highly successful web3 projects. I have worked closely with top WAX developers and block producers to design tools and implement UX improvements to further enhance WAX. Most recently, I have created and launched a memecoin on WAX, the ticker is $KEK. Along with a top WAX developer, we created the deflationary token that can be traded on spot markets. Should you decide to vote for me, I will continue to work closely with top WAX devs and BPs to build more tools and dApps to further improve the user experience. I will work closely with my co-IGs to find the best possible solutions to governance and establish the WAX foundation. I will work on connecting WAX with multi-chain dApps, increasing the exposure of WAX to the ever-growing crypto audience. I will visit blockchain and NFT conferences to spread the word about WAX. I will work on collaborations to onboard communities to WAX. I will use my strategic thinking for onboarding campaigns and marketing strategies. I will be hands-on with the community, setting a good example and enabling creators with my experience in launching successful Web3 projects. I will conduct weekly meetings where the latest trends and any thoughts can be discussed. Thankyou for lending me your time - together we will take wax to the next level..